Bookworks 2011

We hope you got a chance to check out Bookworks at the SF Public Library. If you would like to special order the Bookworks Issue of the Ampersand (available mid-September), please contact Molly at

If you participated in the event, read on to learn about artwork return:

BookWorks Entries:
Some members have expressed interest in picking up their work. Entries will be available for pick-up at Logos Graphics, 499 Alabama Street #126, San Francisco, CA 94110 (tel 415.552.0817)
 between Tuesday, August 23 and Friday, August 26 during normal business hours.  Otherwise, your entry will be safely returned via FedEx no later than Friday, September 9.

One response to “Bookworks 2011

  1. Barbara Stewart Skelly

    Hi Terry,
    I will have a book in Bookworks, and I would like to volunteer to help at the reception or during the exhibit.

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